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Closer to Architecture focuses on three heritage domains: Sustainable –  Usable – Visible. Each domain or programme line contains a number of projects, briefly introduced below with a referral as soon as more information is available. In addition to these projects, there is room to develop new, future projects with a research-based and speculative character.


Linked Open Data

For the publication and linking of heritage information, heritage institutions need to make adjustments in their own collection registration systems. The Usable work programme looks at improving access through LOD, which will enrich data and make it more easily findable for users.

Search portal

The search portal primarily focuses on supporting archive research by professionals such as architects and art historians. The renewal of the current search portal will improve user friendliness and thus access to our collection. It will also enable us to conform to the LOD standard and to make our extensive digital collection available online in the form of an LOD end-point.